Recycle A Cup: Environmentally Friendly Way To Dispose Of Keurig K-Cups

Consumption of coffee, or hot beverages, has dramatically increased over the last decade. Drinking well-made, piping hot coffee is not something you have to go to a drive-thru to get. Most people go to a drive-thru to only order what they know they can finish, instead of making a pot of coffee that goes to waste. The introduction of single-serve coffee brewing systems made your morning cup of coffee personally convenient. Approximately 12 percent of adults in the United States drink coffee daily from a single-serve brewing system, according to the National Coffee Association.

Unfortunately, the single-serve cups have increased waste in the environment. The most popular single-serve packs being used today, Keurig K-Cups, are find their way to landfills becoming an environmental concern. K-Cups are made of non-biodegradable plastic, heat sealed paper, and polyethylene coated aluminum. Plus the leftover coffee grounds inside them.

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Coffee Concoctions and Recipes: Filipino Style

Filipinos love drinking coffee. It is a staple drink for any occasion for coming together, whether for a short meeting in one of the most popular cafes in the country or as a pleasurable end drink after a hearty meal served at home. It is not surprising therefore that part of what comprises healthy cooking Philippines are coffee concoctions and recipes that make use of coffee.

Filipinos can enjoy both instant coffee and gourmet coffee. In fact, it can be said that a coffee culture exists in the Philippines, that is distinct from that observed in the Americas and European countries. Here are some coffee concoctions and recipes distinctly Filipino that could spell the difference in coffee experience.

Barako Coffee

Barako Coffee or Kapeng Barako in local parlance, is a coffee variety grown in the Philippines, specifically in Batangas and Cavite. Its name was lifted from a Tagalog word meaning wild boar which is often associated with a tough man. Its flavor and taste are strong, accompanied by a pungent aroma. It is best used to prepare espresso or espresso-based coffee drinks. The people from Batangas are known to use Barako coffee as an alternative to soup in preparing a particular rice dish.

Pinoy Iced Barako Coffee

It is but expected that with the Filipinos’ love for coffee, a cold coffee drink that is distinctly Filipino in taste will surface using the Barako coffee. It is prepared like other iced coffee drinks with the use of course of Barako coffee and topped with local Tablea chocolate shavings.

Sago and Coffee Iced Cooler

This is a variation of the Pinoy Iced Barako Coffee where cooked sago and gulaman are added to the drink. Instant coffee with sugar and milk can also be used instead of Barako coffee. Sago and gulaman are very popular additions to many Filipino iced drinks and desserts.

Coffee Flan

The Filipinos’ love for sweets and coffee is easily satisfied with Coffee Flan, using again the Barako coffee to provide the distinct Filipino coffee taste. The taste becomes even more distinctly Filipino with the use of coconut milk and pandan leaves while cooking the gelatin. The pandan leaves are discarded upon extraction of its flavor.

Coffee lovers are sure to have a different coffee experience when they try the many variations of Coffee Concoctions and Recipes – Filipino style. Experiences differ depending on the place we are at. These are just some examples of how coffee is presented in the Philippines.

Creative Uses of the Apple iPad for Coffee Shops

The tablet has become so popular in recent years that its use has gone beyond pure communication and entertainment. Thanks to the Apple company that introduced the device through its iPad, many people are now enjoying its benefits wherever they may be.

Apart from private individuals, businesses are also taking advantage today of the usefulness of the iPad. With thousands of apps being downloaded and used on a daily basis, it is no surprise that the Apple iPad made it as the third fastest hardware platform to reach one million purchases in less than a month (or in just 28 days).

tablet used in restaurant

In running a business, the iPad has become a very vital tool. Restaurants and food chains, for example, are actively using this revolutionary gadget in their daily operations. They use this popular mobile device as a point of sales machine and as a method of showing their menu to customers. Read more

My 5 Favorite Coffee Blogs to Date

I love drinking coffee. This would probably explain why I love to read about coffee as well. As we all know by now, reading coffee blogs is the most convenient way to go about it. Various coffee information are just waiting to be discovered and along the way I found at least five blogs which I visit regularly enough to be categorized as my favorites.

Image Source

I Need Coffee

This blog is an open platform for coffee enthusiasts thus ensuring a wide range of coffee-related articles. It has several sections in which coffee fans can publish their articles. These include coffee brewing, coffee comics, coffee recipes, health, agriculture, history, cafe culture, and travel, among others.

Coffee Brewing

Coffee Strategies

Coffee Strategies  goes by the tagline “Better Coffee for Better Business”. Andrew Hetzel is the man behind this blog. He decided to pursue his lifelong interest in coffee after relocating to Los Angeles from Michigan. Now presently based in Hawaii, he continues to conduct his home-based consulting and training services  for his coffee specialty clientele. It is always  interesting to read coffee articles from the view of an expert.

Andrew Hetzel

Coffee Detective

Coffee Detective is authored by Nick Usborne. He professes his love for coffee as well as his writing about it. It was a blog that was started as a hobby by a professional marketing writer. In time, he discovered that this blog can provide a second income for him, allowing him therefore the opportunity to develop the site more seriously.

Coffee Sage

Sage is supposed to refer to having wisdom that comes with age and experience. Therefore a Coffee Sage could mean a person having such wisdom in relation to coffee. The Coffee Sage however admits to being seriously into tea as well because of its health benefits. Readers can expect to read about both in this blog.

Pure Coffee

Pure Coffee is basically a blog that provides reviews of coffee and tea, both for establishments and products. The author assures readers that he has actually visited the coffee establishment being reviewed and tasted the coffee product being assessed. Its main purpose is to inform readers of quality establishments and products especially those who are on travel.

It is fun to alternate reading these 5 blogs as each offers its own brand of information about coffee. I’m sure there are still a lot of excellent coffee blogs out there so I will continue to check on blog portals for other recommendations.

Why Coffee Shops are the New Writers’ Nook

What is it with writers and coffee shops? Is there anything about the ambiance of coffee shops that inspires writing or have writers just found a convenient way to get their usual coffee dose without having to go anywhere else? Whatever it is that responsible for this, it looks like coffee shops can be considered the new writers’ nook of today.

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The Many Faces of Coffee on Instagram

Coffee is a very common image seen on Instagram. This maybe because this beverage has really become a part of life for many people. It is as if there are ongoing photo challenges to come up with the most interesting coffee picture of all time.

Starting the Day

Image Source:

There must be about the morning while sipping coffee that inspires people to take pictures of these moments. Coffee when pictured with a newspaper is a common representation of a person’s start of the day. The results are often interesting because of the attachment to the time and date element. Read more

Self-Stirring Mug: The Ultimate Stirring Solution for Coffee Drinkers

How many times have you found yourself looking for a spoon, a wooden stick, or a plastic stirrer to stir your coffee? It is easy enough to find those at home but when you’re in your office or in your car wanting to drink coffee, those things may not be easily found. The self-stirring mug might just be what you are looking for.


Image Source

A Simple Device

The self-stirring mug is actually a very simple device. It proposes to stir coffee for you through a whirring disc found at the bottom of the mug. This disc is activated by a stir button found on the handle of the mug.

This mug can be used with other beverages aside from coffee such as tea, cocoa, or soup. This can be seen by some as one of the contraptions made for lazy people but hey, some people can be really very busy to want something like this. With so much work to be done, sometimes the simple task of stirring coffee while handling so many things at the same time can be more challenging than it should be. Read more

5 Most Eye-Catching Coffee Ads

There are ads that we don’t notice and there are some that will get our attention no matter what. From the time coffee was commercialized, there have been a lot of advertisements that came our way. Here are some of the more eye-catching among them.


Image Source

We start off with  a literally eye-catching ad on print – an eye being held open by what looks like a match stick with the question “Burning the midnight oil?”. This is of course in direct allusion to the wake-up powers of coffee especially for those who need to work all through the night. The ad likewise suggests that not any coffee will do except for Starbucks.


Stella Coffee (Italy)

Image Source

If only for the cringe effect that this image provides to viewers, it certainly catches wanted attention. What’s more is the image’s suitability to the accompanying text “The bite of coffee”. With the word bite effectively expressing two meanings at the same time, viewers will find it hard to forget that coffee can bite as fiercely as that crawler.


"Manager", Mcdonald's Coffee, DDB, Austria, McDonald's, Print, Outdoor, Ads

Image Source

This ad actually comes in several versions and characters. Different as they may be in characterization, they all send a message that everyone needs morning coffee. The failure to have one will result to this obviously awkward juxtaposition of people.

Seattle’s Best

KISS, Seattle's Best Coffee, Campaigns & Grey, Print, Outdoor, Ads

More eye-catching for its text than its image, this ad again alludes to the incredible wake-up property of coffee. This just demonstrates the many ways advertisers can choose to treat one idea. With the very limited time an ad has to catch the attention of consumers, it will have to use an eye-catching image or a provocative message to accomplish it.

Chase and Sanborn

This is a  vintage coffee ad that served its purpose during a certain period where this scene was possible. Many vintage coffee ads seem to indirectly relate good coffee with domestic bliss. I wonder how applicable that is today.

The Looks of Christmas Coffee

There is absolutely no reason not to dress up coffee to fit the Christmas spirit. I’m thinking why not since coffee is a good hot drink as any during this season. Here are some I found in the Internet:

Image Source

Before we go to the actual coffee beverage, here is an interesting way to arrange coffee beans while making your accompanying greetings. Now off to the looks of Christmas coffee.

Christmas Sweater Mug

Image Source

This is unmistakably Christmas sweater wrapping a hot mug of coffee. If Christmas sweaters protect us from the cold, this mug sweater protects our hands from the heat. Double purpose?

Christmas Tree and Stars on Coffee

Image Source

There is something so wonderful about looking at coffee with Christmas symbols. Does it make the coffee warmer? Maybe so, in emotions.

Coffee in Snowman Cups

christmas, coffe, coffee, cups, cute

Image Source 

If this doesn’t shout Christmas coffee, I don’t know what will. Snowman, marshmallows, and coffee with snow-like top…what more can we ask for? We can never go wrong with Christmas-themed cups to lift the spirits.

Christmas Coffee Cups

Image Source

For coffee to go, Christmas coffee cups are commonly seen during this season. It admittedly adds cheer to the atmosphere while drinking coffee. Take special note of the sleeve design which can be custom-made.

Coffee with Christmas Cookie

Image Source

When coffee comes with a Christmas cookie, it definitely is Christmas. This provides so much comfort and is reminiscent of simple Christmas celebrations at home. This is what simple pleasures are made of.

Whether prepared at home or bought in commercial coffee shops, the looks of Christmas coffee can be seen everywhere, reminding us that coffee can be very much a part of Christmas celebrations. Coffee and Christmas do not usually go together but many are discovering that coffee beverage can be reinvented many times over for the holidays.


The Best Reads While Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee alone allows coffee drinkers the luxury of doing some worthwhile read. Having no pressure at all to make small talk or engage in lengthy conversation with anyone over a cup of coffee, we can consider a lot of reading options for some relaxing time. So what can offer the best reads during this time?

Your Favorite Newspaper

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