Coffee Gadget Must-Haves for Your Car

inline-handpresso-auto-1Certified coffee lovers usually manifest their liking for it beyond their kitchen walls.  It is common to see their  coffee paraphernalia in other parts of the home, the workplace, and even the car.  However, it is in the car where the most imaginative coffee gadgets can be found.Even if  hiring a car while visiting another place like Australia, coffee drinkers can easily bring these along.   Potential travelers to Australia and other places should learn more about car hire options before making the trip.

Handpresso Auto

An espresso machine found in the home kitchen is not something to be surprised about but when it is found inside the car, that is really something. Can we imagine an actual espresso machine working inside a car? Apparently, we can do more than imagine since the France-based espresso machine manufacturer Handpresso has made it a reality.  It is a portable bullet-shaped espresso machine that can comfortably sit in a car’s cup holder and plug into a 12-volt cigarette lighter receptacle.

Coffee lovers will love its easy use as well. With water and a coffee pod plus a press of a button, drivers in need of some extra jolt can easily enjoy good coffee right inside their cars.  Three beeps signal that the coffee is ready . Although drivers can do their coffee-making while continuing driving, it is always best to stop for a while when doing this.


Car Coffee Cup Warmer

A coffee cup warmer keeps the coffee warm.  Since driving requires much attention, it is possible to forget about it and then remember when it is already cold.  The car coffee cup warmer provides a way to remedy this without getting out of the car.  It can come in the form of a coffee cup base plate with plug or a mug with plug.

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Coffee Cup Holder

Most cars have built-in beverage holders but  not all can hold coffee cups. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have spilled coffee all over the car. Some buy theirs while others do their own. Here are some of the more interesting ones.



This beverage holder can hold coffee cups as well as drink bottles and other small objects.  It is lightweight and does not occupy much space.  Being a car air vent drink holder, it is able to keep the drink cold or warm depending on whether the air-condition or heater is on.



A less costly but functional coffee cup holder can be provided by this option.  It is also easily attached to the air-condition vent.   Its simple yet stylish design will complement almost any car, not that it really matters in a hired car.

And the very basic…



When everything else is out of reach, just grab a roll of packing tape and you’re set to go.  Make sure it is firmly and securely attached though.  After all you wouldn’t want to end up with coffee spilled all over the car interiors and having to pay for damages to the car hire company.


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