Link Mugs For The Coffeeholic Family

Link_MugsI will be the first to say that we are certified coffeholics – my family, that is. I still remember wanting to try my first cup of coffee as a little child, simply because that was all I saw my dad drink. He would have coffee in the morning, coffee after lunch, and coffee after dinner! I was not allowed to have coffee because of my age by I would sneak a cup or two every now and then when I was alone at the house.

Having said that, let me introduce you to this newfound discovery of mine – Link Mugs. They are perfect for the family that drinks coffee together. They’re just like any other mugs. In fact, they do not look very unique or pretty at all (you know me, I have an affinity for coffee mugs). However, they do have a distinctive feature, which you can guess from the name itself: the mugs can be linked together, allowing you to carry three mugs at the same time without endangering yourself (hot coffee!).

I found these mugs at Mocha, and they are designed by Jonathan Aspinall. How do they link together? There is a protrusion on each mug, as well as a sort of socket – put them together and they “stick” to one another. The idea is quite simple, and you can be free from burnt fingers and spilled coffee forever!

Link Mugs are for sale at Mocha for ₤32.50 per set. I think it’s the perfect gift idea for coffee lovers this Christmas, don’t you think?

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