Coffee Now a Slimming and Cellulite Busting Ingredient

Beauty products of all kinds and price range use a wide range of ingredients today. While some contain chemicals that promise to maintain a youthful skin and slimmer body, the others pride themselves in using all natural ingredients.

Coffee ground

The latest natural ingredient being used today is coffee. One of the new products that features this caffeine thing is known as the Cinq Mondes Slimming Coffee Cream. The cream is said to work by draining the body’s toxins and break down fat cells.

Additionally, it is said to be targeting the reduction of cellulite by breaking down the fat beneath the skin. Apart from the coffee ingredient, the slimming cream also contains grapefruit acids and kola nut.

But like any other top quality beauty product, this cream can command a high price. Fortunately, figure-conscious people, particularly the women, can still turn to a cheaper option to slowly solve their cellulite problem.

Creating your own scrub is easy to do and very cheap, too. Again, caffeine will be your main ingredient because of its ability to speed up fat metabolism.

To make the scrub solution, you just need oil (tea tree), sugar, vanilla extract and coffee grounds. Mix them all together and use it as a body scrub to take away dead skin. Make sure to use a wash cloth or skin brush and massage it on your skin with a circular motion. The mixture is also believed to be an energizer for tired skin and puffy eyes so you might want to try that as well.

Interestingly, coffee has also been found to be effective in promoting hair growth. This time, you need to use brewed coffee that has been cooled off and apply it on your scalp. Caffeine is said to increase blood circulation and help stimulate the hair follicles.

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