Free Coffee At Coffee Bean

Our-Store-Featured-DrinksHold on – before you get too excited, this piece of news is only for a small population of our readers. I ran across this bit of information – the good news is that today, November 12, participating Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores in three states will be offering free drinks.

Dubbed The Holiday Open House, some Coffee Bean stores will be serving 12 oz holiday drinks from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Drinks on the roster are Peppermint Latte (or Ice Blended), Pumpkin Latte (or Ice Blended), and Winter Dream Latte. Naturally, only one drink per customer is allowed.

The stores that will be participating are those located in California, Arizona, and Texas. Unfortunately, those stores located in school campuses are not part of the promotion. (I wonder why?;))

I am pretty sure that a lot of people will be grabbing this chance to get a free drink. Never mind that it’s just a 12 oz drink and that you can only have one – that’s several dollars you can save! More so, this is the perfect opportunity for those who may want to simply try the holiday drinks and are not sure if they want to spend that money on something they may not like.

I wish that Coffee Bean would do the same for other stores in other parts of the country – and the world for that matter. Now I am pretty sure that Starbucks will follow suit, one way or another. Wanna bet?

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