Currently sat in my local Coffee shop, heard this on the music system, and it now finally feels festive. Weird how those two little words can make everything change hey!

Anyway, being the highly organised person that I am, I’m considering to start my Christmas shopping as I write this (December 21st), and feel that I should sort of start it. Luckily, my brother and mother are coffee addicts. So I’ve just bought their presents whilst ordering my drink. Not bad hey!

One that I’ve found is the $5 free Voucher with a 12 Pack of Starbucks Via Ready Brew for the US, and in the UK, you’re able to load the voucher with an amount from £5 to £150 – a great idea with the current weather and postal problems.

Perhaps look at that Coffee Machine you know they’ve always wanted (I know this would be what my parents would like the most…I think they’re being a bit optimistic myself…) – or just a packet of their favourite brew (You could get the 12 packets from Starbucks, and get yourself a free voucher in the States…of course, the giving is the best part!)

In the UK, Limini Coffee offer a range of courses – ranging from Latte Art, through to running your own Coffee Shop, so if theres that budding Barista in the family, get them down!

Above all, make sure you enjoy yourself. It’s a time for indulgence, so go ahead – have those six coffees (which are good for you), over-eat, and promise yourself in the New Year you’ll go on a diet – I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!!!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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