iPhone with Coffee Holder Gaining Popularity

Who says you can’t use your iPhone while having coffee? Of course, you can’t do both at the same time but there’s a way now to use your mobile with two hands while having a cup of your favorite drink.


Thanks to inventive minds, a new iPhone case has been developed and now being tested on the market that also serves as a coffee or cup holder.

With this product, you don’t have to choose between having coffee first and using your iPhone or the other way around. Now you can multitask all you want.

The case called UpperCup is exclusive for the Apple iPhone and allows users to text or use their device while balancing a cup of coffee without touching the phone.

With the holder, a cup of hot drink can be slipped into it and to use the phone, the user just needs to make sure to hold the device with his two hands to balance the coffee.

Natwek, a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, is behind the creation of this new iPhone case. The firm is expecting to raise 15,000 pounds to be able to produce more of this product and sell it a retail price of 21 pounds.

The product was created after the company observed the inconvenience that people often experience when they get a text message that they want to reply right away while in the middle of drinking coffee. Good thing if they’re in front of their desk or having coffee at a restaurant, they can put their cup down on the table first and use their device. Unfortunately for some out on the street standing or walking, their only recourse is to hold the cup of coffee with one hand or use their teeth risking spillage of their drink.

Cross your fingers now so this new design will become into reality and benefit millions of iPhone users worldwide.

Photo via sodelicio.us

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