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Everybody needs something new every now and then, just to keep things fresh. For coffee lovers, there are many choices on how to do this. One of the best ways is mixing Kahlua with your coffee.

Kahlua is a coffee liquer. It is dark brown in color and is made from the best Mexican ceans. It also contains sugar, cane syrup, cane spirits, vodka and a hint of vanilla. It is the second largest brand of liquer worldwide.

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t fret. You can easily try some recipes at the nearest bars. Of course, it is always more fun to mix for yourself and Kahlua is available in most stores.

If you can’t find Kahlua anywhere, you can try making your own. Just simmer together 3 cups of sugar, a quart of water and ten to twelve teaspoons of coffee (any kind of coffee will do, even instant) for an hour and a half. Let the mixture cool before adding 3 cups of vodka and 3 teaspoons of vanilla. You can pour the whole brew in a bottle and let it age or you can drink it up right away.

Kahlua drinks are fun but do remember that it does have alcohol so you may want to ask someone else to drive for you. Here are some recipes courtesy of drinksmixer you might want to try:

Caffeine Attack Recipe: Put 4 scoops of coffee flavored ice cream (feel free to make your own ice cream) in a blender with some Kahlua (add as much as you like) and mix it til the ice cream is drinkable. Pour it into a beer mug and enjoy!

Kamora Mexican Coffee Recipe: This is a really simple brew. Just add half an ounce of Kahlua and half an ounce of white tequila into 1 cup of coffee. Voila!

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