Bus Driver Shows The Spirit Of Christmas

I know this is not really about coffee but my story for today happened at a coffee shop – Canada’s most famous coffee shop, in fact. I think that you’ll understand why I wanted to write about this story so much even if it is not really about coffee. So this is what happened…

Bus driver Rick Bazinet Jr. was going about his usual night and made his usual stop at a London Tim Hortons – Canada’s answer (and a very good one, I hear!) to Starbucks. He went to the washroom and hit gold – he found a bag full of money. It was actually a Brinks bag, which apparently had been left by guards who filled the ATM in the store earlier. The bag contained $80,000 in 20 dollar bills.

Now put yourself in Bazinet’s place. What would you have done? I will be totally honest and say outright that I would have been so tempted to grab that bag and make a run for it. Finders keepers, eh? But deep in my heart, I also know that I would have done exactly what Bazinet did.

He went back to the store, told the clerk what he found, and returned the money. He said. “In hindsight, I guess it would have been nice to have. And Christmas sure would have been great, but it wasn’t mine. That’s the way I was brought up and it’s what I teach my children.”

Despite all the evil we witness on a daily basis, there are still people who know the right from wrong and who have the courage and strength to do the right thing. That’s a comforting thought – as comforting as a steaming hot mug of coffee. 🙂

Read the full story here.

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